At our second annual event we had some of the most talented and inspiring young people of today. Izin, an aspiring journalist, gave a passionate talk about young people, the media and the nature of storytelling. She demonstrated the need for more storytellers to spread positive stories about young people through social media and beyond, and counter the prevalent narrative currently circulating through the media. Below is her TEDx experience and words of wisdom for future speakers.


Tell us about your experience

TEDxYouth@Croydon: Izin Akhabau


“I got involved with TEDxYouth@Croydon because I believed it would be a brilliant experience. My topic is an exploration of my imagined world – a world where young people controlled the media about them.



Writing my speech was made so much easier because I had the PARTS structure to follow, and the help given by my mentor. The coaching was great! It was so useful and helped me to greatly improve my speech.

I learnt my speech by recording myself delivering it. Then I would listen to a small section and try to learn it, and once I knew it off by heart I would repeat the process with the next segment.

Delivering my speech was nerve racking but empowering!

After I delivered the speech on the day, I was elated, slightly relieved but sad that the whole experience was over. Mostly though I was proud of myself, and the feedback I have received since then has been really complimentary.

My favourite part of the experience has got to be our group meetings.  All of the speakers and coaches got together to practice our speeches and receive feedback as a group.  It was a great way to network, build confidence and hear everyone’s speeches.”


Any advice for future speakers?

DSC_3016**Follow a structure, your coach will help you to do this and it will help with your delivery.

** Be passionate and knowledgeable about your topic as your passion will engage the audience.

** Learn your speech ASAP and let it become second nature.”


What is next for you?

“I will be starting my YouTube channel in the new year, an extension of my website and a new portal for me to share my articles and interviews. I want it to be bigger and better, with lots more interviews. I will also be carrying out some work experience at a radio station.”


We want to thank Izin for delivering such an amazing and empowering speech.  Good luck!