So Welcome to the TEDxYouth@Croydon blog.  Over the forthcoming weeks, we are going to share with you the what, why, when, where, why and how? aspects of this phenomenal event for Croydon.




I went to school in Croydon, Thomas More School to be precise many many years ago.  I now live in Croydon and my family live in the surrounding areas.  When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to venture out to the nether regions of Streatham, Brixton and beyond.  The world awaited.  I spent over 20 years living and working in London.  Then 3 years ago, something started to draw me back.

I have now lived in Croydon for 3 years and I really am appreciating the diversity, charm and energy of the area.

The pink elephant in the room  

2011 saw the London riots affect Croydon and damage the image of the area and young people of this borough.  I was in St. Lucia at the time and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Young people and adults destroying their own neighbourhood.  What happened to talking? What happened to petitioning? What happened to peace?

Fast forward 2 years and the area is still tainted.  When I tell people I live in Croydon, they say, “oh where Reeves Corner was burnt down? “You actually live in Croydon, “what do you expect, its Croydon!”  What a shame some people have a negative image of Croydon.  Not just because of the riots but for other reasons too.

Great things about Croydon

Yes, I reply and I am proud of it.  Let me tell you some great facts about Croydon.

  • Croydon’s population is now estimated to be 342,000, the second most populated borough in London
  • Croydon has 84,000 young people under the age of 15, the largest number of any other borough
  • If Croydon were a city is would be the 8th largest in the UK ahead of Wakefield and Coventry
  • It has the most culturally diverse borough than any other
  • Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on February 7 1812, making 2012 two hundred years since he came in to the world.
  • and most importantly, Ronnie Corbet lives here

Overall, Croydon is a great place to live and with all the regeneration taking place, its going to be amazing.

With Hammersons and Westfields coming together to give us all an amazing shopping experience.  With all the new property developments going up, so that people can live in a diverse community. With businesses supporting initiatives like ourselves, because we are helping to raise the profile of Croydon and the young people in a positive way.  You can’t deny,  it is a great place to live.

So. what makes somewhere a great place to live, well it’s the PEOPLE.  That is why we need to see more creative activities, projects, events happening in the area.  This creates a buzz, it creates an engaging atmosphere and it makes it exciting to live in Croydon.

So be a part of our journey as we help to put Croydon on the map as:

  • a great place to live
  • a host to inspiring and energising events
  • a place with innovative and creative people
  • a place where businesses can thrive
  • a real community

This is WHY we put on TEDxYouth@Croydon.  To show people that Croydon does have great events and it is a great place to work, play and live.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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Let’s all work TOGETHER to make Croydon a fabulous place to live.