Yasmin Godo is a budding story-teller, experienced youth worker & mentor. Currently writing a series of Children's stories, with aspirations of being published; intended for an ethnically diverse audience, to reignite a lost love between books and children.

Yasmin is also currently writing a Radio drama for her upcoming show "Yazzy Presents" to be aired on the online platform RadioKing . With plans already underway to start a Youth & Media initiative, specialising in helping young people gain experience in broadcasting and gain a foot in the door to the creative industries, by empowering them and teaching life skills.



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September 11, 2014


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  19. I am a 29 year old woman and 10 weeks pregnant. I am HIV positive but i am scared to take the pills, please help.

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  22. I was diagnosed with hiv in 2012, my cd4 count was 574 during my first test. At the clinic i was told to come after 12 months, i did so and my second cd4 count was 217, they then put me on treatment immediately. I would like to know whether hiv is curable or what? I also want to know that if i am on treatment i can pass the virus to my partner or what.

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  28. Hi. I’m HIV positive my CD4 count is 939 i found out in July 2014. I have been taking vitams since i found out i was positive but this month they also gave me nucotrim to take two tablets ones a day. They gave packets for four months. I want know is it ok to drink nucotrim for that long or will i be exceeding the limit.

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  34. I am 27 years old. I was diagnosed in 2011. I also got pregnent recently and I am 12 weeks.

  35. I was diagnosed HIV+ 2012 October and then my CD4 was 285 my doctor decided that i should be on treatment, but i was reluctant. In December 2013 i got sick with shingles. This year i decided to start treatment . I’ve started Tribuss. What are the side effects?

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  42. Hi there when I was taking odimune I used to be sleepy after 1 hour or so but now im on atroiza and I don’t feel any side effect, does atroiza work as a odimune?

  43. I am hiv negative and my husband is hiv positive , and now I need a child , and my status I wanna keep it as negative ,what can I do? Sperm wash is its clean -hiv negative sperm? Tell me more .I really need a child , I ve got one whose hiv negative , I don’t want to adopt and please help

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  46. I’ve been HIV positive since 2010. I was on the treatment and nothing was wrong with me but in May 2014 they gave a pill called Atroiza and now they gave me another one call Odimune I want to know they are not going to make me sick? What is the difference?

  47. I heard Elizabeth Ramsey was from Caribbean, Jamaica in particular…that’s why the connection.

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  51. I was diagnosed HIV+ 2012 October and then my CD4 was 285 my doctor decided that i should be on treatment, but i was reluctant. In December 2013 i got sick with shingles. This year i decided to start treatment . I’ve started Tribuss. What are the side effects?

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