Thinking you want to give TEDx a go in the future? Former TEDx Youth Croydon speakers give their top tips on how to create and deliver a talk to be remembered! If you’re still undecided you should watch our Made in the Future event, Saturday 14 November 2015 – tickets selling fast.


4045218134_9c1f79b0f1Take your audience on a journey – every story has a beginning middle and end

“Think of it as a journey that you’re taking a blindfolded person on … describe what you see along the way and keep it real and illustrated.” Aina More

Be Authentic
– this will make your speech more natural to deliver, which the audience will pick up on and relate to

“Be inspired by everything around. Use your surroundings and life experience to build your speech and you’ll come across as more authentic.” Ismael Musoke


DSC_2383Practice makes perfect – here is where your friends and family come in

“Take counsel from everyone, accept criticism and be open to feedback: you can always make your speech better, so let your pride take the backseat, and accept other people’s advice.” Monalisa Saha


Use anchors to remember – split your speech into sections and remember their first lines, then build each section from that regardless if you get the rest right line for line

“If you record yourself doing your speech, then you can watch it back and choose the best bits to use as your anchors.” Tom Green


Have fun! – this is your time to shine so own it

“Be comfortable and confident in yourself and what you have to say. Allow that to shine through and smile. YOU MADE IT!!!” Yasmin Godo