The Croydon facelift, Kate Moss, images of a burning high street, ‘hoodies’.

You’ve probably heard about Croydon, and its young people, for all the wrong reasons. But behind the media hype and stereotypes is more than meets the eye …

DSC_3016Out of the ashes of the 2011 riots came TEDx Youth Croydon, a locally organised TED group providing a platform for young people to have a voice and reshape the dialogue about them.

On 15 November, award winning dance troupes, young scientists, lyrical geniuses, budding sociologists and a Hip Hop Orchestra, will be all performing at TEDx Youth Croydon’s third annual event ‘Made In The Future’. Set to be a blast from the… future, the star studded line-up will be sharing their wisdom and talent at prestigious venue The BRIT School, which has brought us artists such as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Jessie J. But it’s not just their South London peers that will benefit …

At the same time around 17,000 young people in over 100 countries will also be taking part in TEDx Youth events as part of universal TEDxYouthDay. You can be involved too! Move quick as Early Bird tickets are selling fast.

So what does the future hold? What do YOU want it to look like? How can young people shape the future?

This worldwide event is an expression of the collective power and wisdom of young people who have been at the heart of the most damning news stories, hardest economic cuts and the biggest movements of late. From the Arab Spring to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign, young people have been championing change and pushing boundaries.

It is important that they have place to reclaim their statues, inspire their peers and work towards a better future. And, through their annual events TEDx Youth Croydon have been proving that Croydon is a diverse and vibrant community full of different cultures, stories and ideas worth spreading. You can check out the full 2015 line-up here.

Interested in what could be made of your future? Get your ticket – get inspired!

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