In light of our third annual event our founder looks back to where it all started ....


In 2013, I took part in Landmark Worldwide’s Self-Expression Leadership Programme, where we start a project with the aim of creating leaders and benefiting the community.  

Due to 2011 riots, the young people of Croydon had gained a bad reputation as it was one of the worst hit boroughs during the riots. Having lived, grown up and trained over 15,000 young people in the art of  public speaking, in Croydon I wanted to showcase how intelligent, inspiring and amazing they were, so I founded TEDxYouth@Croydon.

TEDxYouth@Croydon was borne out of a mission to give a platform to some of the greatest young minds in London who wish to share their vision, ideas and message with the world. 

It's been an amazing two years so far, and we are looking forward to this year's 'Made in the Future' event. Here are some thoughts on the theme from the #TYC team ....

- Elaine Powell, Founder & Curator


"Working for TYC it is inspirational to see so many young people showcasing their talents or attending the event and engaging with this positivity. The 'Made in the Future' theme just makes me think where are these ideas and knowledge going to lead them? Is this part of making their future? It is very exciting!"

- Jade Glanfield, Communications Manager

"What drew me to TYC was the magnitude of opportunity something like this event is capable of possessing. It really is a chance for the youth of today to spread their wings and fly! To present and showcase what the event is about and that it's more than capable of teaching a old dog some new tricks. In general I'm a positive person and I think this event will create an unfathomable quantity of ideas and the  theme  “Made In the Future" will only help to turn the ideas that people come away with into a reality."

- Nick Jacques, Executive Producer

"Although I am new in the team I can’t wait how it all goes!
Seeing young people that are inspired by their dreams, and how they work hard to achieve them, reminds me on a daily basis to make the most of every opportunity I have. It is amazing how they grow through bad experiences and turn them into future success. There's a silver lining in everything, isn’t it?"

- Ramona Nocera, Social Media & Marketing Assistant