One of our inspirational young speakers at TEDxYouthCroydon’s second annual event,  Hannah delivered a motivational talk on how you can capitalise on the power of your own thoughts to achieve success. We caught up with Hannah after the show to find out about her TEDx experience …


DSC_2747Why did you apply to be a TEDxYouth@Croydon speaker?

“I applied because I felt that it would be a good opportunity to develop myself as a speaker and share my story with an audience, in order to have an impact and positive influence on them.

I picked my topic, because I believe that in order to change your world, you need to change your mindset and your belief system.”


How did your speech progress?

“It was a very good theme [Worlds Imagined] and therefore it was relatively easy to craft my speech, however I learnt a lot of things about techniques, memorising and the power of the pause whilst practicing my speech.”

I also learnt the value of being coached

“It allowed me to see my weaknesses and bad habits as a speaker, which is vital to your success on the stage.”


How did you learn your speech?

“I learnt my speech by breaking it down into parts. I memorised just a few key words that would trigger my memory about that part of the speech, this meant I was able to flow naturally on the day.”


How was the day itself?

“I was very excited to finally deliver my speech and I was very thankful with the response of the audience.

After I felt like I had done justice to the topic and I was able to cover everything that I had revised.”

The feedback has been great

“I had a lot of great feedback about my presence on stage and also the impact of my message upon members of the audience.”



What was your biggest learning curve?

“I learnt that speaking is a skill that has to be worked upon consistently. I also learnt that it is a craft and if you want to pursue it full time, a lot of work must be done in the background.”



What will you be doing next?

I will continue to speak at more events, seminars and workshops, as well as work on perfecting my gift.”


Any advice for future speakers?

“ I would advise individuals to think hard about the topic that they want to deliver, and also consider if they can truly relate to the topic. To practice their speech as many times as possible until it is ingrained in their minds and to practice in front of other people in order to polish their delivery.  Lastly, I would advise the speakers to be their authentic self on stage, not to overdo their speech just…”

let the message be natural and engaging!

Thank you Hannah for sharing your talent with us.  We wish you all the best.