Tom was one of our inspirational young speakers at TEDxYouthCroydon’s second annual event. Tom delivered an emotive speech about his world imagined – one where young people have a say in all aspects in life, one where their voice is heard. We caught up with Tom after the show to find out about his experience …

Why did you apply?


“I applied for a chance to speak at a TEDx event because it is a unique platform and saw it as…

“an opportunity not to be missed.”

“The theme was Worlds Imagined and my topic really explored the fact that the way young people imagine the world is so different to how adults imagine it, which is really important for us to remember.”


How did you learn your speech?

“I learnt my speech through repeating it over and over again and the parts that I struggled with I linked to slides to help remind me of them. I found the coaching I received encouraging.”


How did it go on the day?

Delivering my speech was a complete blur.”

“I came off stage and felt like I’d only been on for a few moments. After I felt good and the feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive.”


TEDxYouthCroydon Speakers 2014

What was your favourite part of the experience?

“My favourite part of the experience was definitely speaking to people after my talk and finding out about their views, and listening to their stories that related to my talk.”



Any advice for future speakers?

“Put the effort in, show up on time and respect your coaches, team and fellow speakers.  Write an engaging speech, record yourself standing up and talking about the topic. Then watch back and choose the best bits to use as your anchors.”


Whats next for you?

I’ll be continuing my work with the Children’s Commissioner.


Many thanks to Tom for delivering a truly inspirational talk. Unfortunately, due to a technical fault, Toms video could not be uploaded to YouTube and for this we are truly sorry.