At TEDxYouthCroydon’s second annual event we had some of the most talented and inspiring young people of today. Aina entertained and inspired with her lyrical hip hop performance on making your life matter and living positively. Here is her experience …

Why did you apply to speak at TEDxYouthCroydon?


“I applied to TEDx after accepting that I needed to combat my anxiety and grow to accept my talents. I had the urge to participate, discover new ways to nurture my passion and to expose myself on new and bigger platforms.

As I began to have more self-belief I wanted to set myself a positive challenge that would enable me to grow, whilst also doing something that matters – something that would share positive and enlightening ideas. I also wanted to work towards breaking the stigma attached to rappers, particularly female rappers.”


The theme was World’s Imagined why did you pick your speech topic?

“Because I believe we (society at large) live in worlds imaged daily. We’ve subconsciously crept into imagined worlds with barriers that don’t really exist. I basically wanted to shed a light on the reality that we can make change and it doesnt have to by imaginary.


Was it difficult or easy to craft your speech?


“It was easy to write a bad speech. But after attending the coaching sessions, reading other speeches and working with the other speakers to dissect what we had written I realised I needed to do some more work. It’s not until you get honest feedback from an expert, (like Elaine Powell – who was superb!) that I really saw the small flaws that made a big difference. Once I could begin to identify them for myself I could then reflect more and it became easy.”


If you could give advice about putting together an engaging speech, what would that be?

“Keep it very real and illustrated.”

“Make it as easy, simplified and explanatory as possible. Think of it as a journey that you’re taking a blindfolded person on and throughout you want to reassure them, let them know where you’re going and tell them everything you see along the way. If you feel like you’re spelling it out too much that’s ok because remember – you understand your point already, but it’s new to them!”


What was your experience of being coached?

“At first it was quite difficult, reading my speech like a document I felt it was being misinterpreted. But when I began to perform it, it became evident where the strengths and flaws lay. If it wasn’t for my coach, Elaine Powell my speech would have been very dry and jumbled.

My coach made me feel confident because she was honest and observed everything from the speech to the tone, body language and how my delivery matched who I am. It became more personalised with the advice of my coach which I think is very important.”

“Coaches have your blind spots covered!”


How was delivering your talk?

“I was really lost in it. I really felt what I was saying, and seeing the audiences reactions up close helped me to feel like I was just having a big conversation. In fact getting so into it made me forget my line at one point, although I hope this wasn’t so obvious as I was genuinely still under the spell.

“It was overwhelmingly fulfilling.”

I cant describe the feeling it gave me as I’m still feeling it, but I can definitely say that it has inspired me to do more of everything!  Perform more, speak out more, and aim for more. It’s shown me it is possible to do anything you set your mind to. Cheesy, but honestly it has really boosted me self-esteem and self-belief.”


Anything you would do differently?

I wish I was “doing me,” being more true to who I am, from the start but going through the process of developing my speech was an amazing and enlightening experience.


What was your favourite part of this whole experience?

“Seeing Elaine cry…”

“It was a reflection of her belief in me and ultimately it was a reflection of how much I needed to believe in myself.”


Any advice for future speakers?

“Take it easy but Go HARD!”



  • “Be yourself
  • believe in yourself
  • practise makes perfect
  • learn to trust expert advice
  • anything is possible!”


So what’s next for you?

“More Music, More speaking, More communicating and aiming higher in everything I do! – Thank you Tedx Youth Croydon!”


Thank you Aina More for sharing your talent with us.  We wish you all the best.