At TEDxYouthCroydon’s second annual event we had some of the most talented and inspiring young people of today. Sadaf enlightened us about equality and representation in politics through her personal journey from India to the UK. Below is what she thought of her experience and some advice for future speakers…


TEDxYouth@Croydon: Sadaf Moosvi, Political Equality, A Reality?Why did you apply to become a TEDxYouthCroydon speaker?

“I applied to speak at TEDx Youth Croydon because I wanted to raise awareness about political inequality. I picked this topic because I believe we need to change our political system and because political equality is something everyone wants and hopes to see in a pluralist democracy.”


How did you find the public speaking coaching?

“I learnt powerful delivery techniques and how to write in a way that makes people really listen to you. To learn my speech I internalised it and tried to live and breathe the subject matter, rather than trying to learn it word for word.”

Coaching was very informative and valuable.


What did it feel like to deliver your talk?

“Giving the talk was exciting and nerve wracking. Straight after I was a little disappointed as I forget one of lines, but looking back at it definitely was…

“…the best thing I have ever done!


What has been the feedback from people about your talk?

“The support and encouragement I have received since has been amazing and I’m so glad that I did this.  The one thing I would have like to have done differently was to be a bit calmer when delivering my speech, then I might not have forgotten some of my words.”


What was the favourite part of the TEDx Croydon experience?



Meeting inspirational people!






Any advice for future TEDx speakers?

“Plan your ideas before writing up the speech to make it engaging and when learning your speech try to internalise it. Most of all just ENJOY!”


Whats next for you?                                 

“I will be working on my petition and getting into university.”


Please support Sadaf in her campaign to get equal representation of women in politics.

It starts with action.  So sign up here!


Thanks to Sadaf for being a part of TEDxYouthCroydon 2014!