At TEDxYouthCroydon’s second annual event we had some of the most talented and inspiring young people of today. Ismael brought his unique perspective on community to the stage, inspiring people with his slogan T.E.A.M. – Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.

Below is his TEDx experience and some advice for future speakers…


Tell us about your experience…


“I already knew about the TEDx Youth Croydon event after attending last year, and applied because I thought it would be a great platform for me to share my ideas with other young people.

From the wider ‘Worlds Imagined’ theme I chose my topic the ‘Power of T.E.A.M.’ because I imagine a world where people progress together, where you need me as much as I need you, in order to create the best outcomes.

“The coaching I received was great.”

I really learnt a lot from my coach. And actually crafting a speech was a mixture of easy and difficult – it’s always a challenge writing your greatest speech of all time!


How was the event?

“Delivering my speech on the day was nerve wracking but thrilling once I got on that stage, the crowd loved it and

“I left the stage feeling completely energized!”

The feedback I have received since, has been all positive but I am really waiting for the video so I can critique myself.



Whats the biggest lesson you learnt?

Take a chance and see what happens!

Any advice for future speakers?

Practice, practice and more practice! Be inspired by everything around you. Use your surroundings and life experience to build your speech.  This will help you come across as authentic to the audience and feel more natural in your delivery.


Whats next for you?

I’m looking at different ways to inspire and enable youth from my community to get involved with public speaking.


Thanks Ismael for being a part of TEDxYouthCroydon 2014